The Vote of Confidence

After a 6h long debate, the Orban Government has passed the Parliament vote with 240 favourable votes, All the ministers proposed by Ludovic Orban, regardless of the type of notice received in the Permanent Committees, will form the future governmental cabinet that should install at Victoria Palace during this week. Consequently, President Klaus Iohannis will most likely take act of the confidence vote today or tomorrow. At the earliest, the investiture ceremony could happen on Wednesday, and before the week is out, we can have the first sitting of the government.

Likely first measures

As lined up in the speech of the designated PM, Ludovic Orban, the immediate priorities of the PNL government are, in order of being mentioned:

1. A budgetary rectification, so that public institutions and local authorities have the money to get through the upcoming winter. This applies also to money owed to disabled persons and their attendants;

3. Making a nomination for the EU Commissioner seat;

4. The budget law for 2020;

5. Solving the issue with the leadership for the Attorney’s Offices;

6. Ensuring that the energy system is ready to transport and deliver the necessary quantities for winter;

7. Prolonging the Emergency Government Ordinance that allows miners in the Paroșeni and Uricani mines to have an income after the mines close;

We shall attentively observe the ways in which this new government will prioritise the main subjects on the agenda and if the governmental cabinet manages to fulfil its electoral promises.


Issue Monitoring team